Hurricane preparedness

Houston Language Bank (HLB) and our partners launched this Online Multi-Lingual Communications Initiative.

In partnership with the region's community and business stakeholders, international media, foreign consulates, chambers of commerce and Master Translators, HLB will generate in-language vital information in as many languages as needed for selected issues in public safety, water conservation and recycling for the region.


Hurricane Preparedness - Southeast Texas Region

Bilingual - Multilingual Info Product Design & Digital Delivery

PRIORITY:  Critical

Houston Language Bank (HLB) designed and delivered this  Hurricane Preparedness information for Regional Language Communities.  HLB delivered these bilingual messaging PDF products to our regional communications partners, including in-language media, community organizations, refugee resettlement agencies, Harris County Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service.



Arabic - الإسعتداد للإعصار ي منطقة هيوستن الكبرى

Chinese (Mandarin) - “飓风”防范战备 - 大休斯顿地区

French - Preparation Aux Ouragans: Pour la Région de Houston

Japanese - ハリケーン・シーズンに備えて : ヒューストン都市圏の皆様

Khmer - Hurricane Preparedness

Korean - 휴스턴 광역시를 위한 - 허리케인대처요령

Spanish - Preparación para Huracánes: Para la Región de Houston

Vietnamese - SẴN SÀNG KHI CÓ BÃO LỐC: Áp dụng cho toàn vùng Houston


Translations in process




Harris County Office of Emergency Management
Houston-Galveston Office of National Weather Service


This vital public information is now in-language due to the devoted work of these persons:

Houston Language Bank's Elite Corps of

Master Translators:

Arabic: Dana M. Hable
Chinese: Judd Huang / Texas Chinese Radio
Chinese:  Jennifer Fanjing Greene / Pegasus Consultants
French: The Hon. Sujiro Seam, Consul General of France in Houston
Japanese: Dr. Daniel Watanabe
Khmer / Cambodian: Yani Rose Keo & Tim Keo
Korean: Dongwok Yang, Komerica Post - Houston
Spanish: Daniel & Dolores Bustamante
Urdu: Miriam issa & Pakistan News Houston
Vietnamese:  Tran Nguyen, Phan Duy, Phillip Nguyen



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